2022-2023 Call for Nominations

The Katzin Prize will be used as a recruitment tool to attract the top academic doctoral candidates applying to UC San Diego. The cohort will be a select group of scholars, demonstrating outstanding talent and promise.  Over time, the Katzin Prize will be awarded to students who represent the full spectrum of graduate study at UC San Diego, from the fine arts to the physical sciences.




Each eligible predoctoral graduate program may nominate two qualified students. Use Slate to nominate your students for the Katzin Prize. The following items are required for a complete nomination package:

  1. Nominate and confirm the applicant for admission in Slate
  2. Faculty Nomination Letter
  3. Financial Support Letter

If the above materials are not submitted on Slate by the deadline, the student's application packet will not be considered for that round. 

For more instructions on how to nominate your students in Slate, see Graduate Admission's Slate User Guide for Nominating Students in the Fellowship Workflow

Note: When nominating students for the Katzin Prize in Slate, use the Fellowship - Department Nomination Form and Letter material type. See screenshot below:

If one of your nominees is selected but ultimately decides to pursue studies at another institution, the department may not nominate another prospective student. 


There will be two deadlines. Programs will be notified of successful candidates within two weeks and will be expected to make efforts to encourage the student to commit to UC San Diego in a timely fashion.

Payment Details

Named fellows who enroll at UC San Diego and are eligible for financial support will receive a $10,000 stipend per year for five years, totaling $50,000. 

Fellows will be paid a $1,000 monthly stipend for 10 months (September-June) and fellows can expect to receive the first payment on or around October 1st each year.

Results 2022 - Round 2

Admitted Student Name


Grace Elizabeth McIntyreBiomedical Sciences
Sean Edward Grisham O'BrienComputer Science
Coryna OgunseitanAnthropology
Emiliano SalomónPhilosophy
Zaiyao ZhangExperimental Psychology

Results will be finalized each summer as incoming students accept/decline admission and fellowship offers.

Results 2022 - Round 1

Admitted Student Name


Samantha Almonacid

Political Science

Matt Lukacz


Jessica Metzger


Diego Urucharta Patino


Ifsha ZehraCommunications

Results will be finalized each summer as incoming students accept/decline admission and fellowship offers.

Past Recipients

Learn more about all past and present Katzin Prize Awardees on our website: https://grad.ucsd.edu/financial/fellowships/katzin-prize/index.html