JDP students must have submitted their application to UCSD via SLATE in order to be considered for fellowships.  If a JDP program wants to nominate one of their students for a fellowship, the JDP program coordinator will need to work with the Graduate Division Admissions team and the SDSU program coordinator to ensure the student's application is complete.

Departments can nominate applicants for Incoming Student Fellowships in Slate. Fellowship nominations may be made either before or after applicants have been nominated for admission to the program.  However, fellowship nominations will not be reviewed until applicants have been provisionally admitted.

At this time there is no limit on the number of nominations for the Tribal Membership Initiative, and UC HBCU fellowships which require verification of participation or affiliation.

Tribal Membership Initiative (TMI)
Sloan Scholar (Physics & JSOE only)

For each department, the Graduate Coordinators (or anyone with a Graduate Coord./Admin role) will be the ones to move Fellowship nomination applications from bin to bin, similar to the process for nominating for admission. Queries will be available for Graduate Coordinators to access when the department is determining who qualifies for the Fellowships. 

To view the query and create your Short-list:

Before nominating applicants in the Fellowship Workflow, departments may run a query to see which applicants have answered at least two of the seven "Additional Education Experience" questions and view which Faculty reviewers have nominated the applicants for the Fellowships. This query can help you to identify and narrow down the department's list of applicants that will be nominated for Fellowships. Once the department has narrowed down the list, you may begin nominating applicants for Fellowships in the Fellowship Workflow found in the Reader.

To view a query, click on the Query tool, which is located at the top of the screen and is second icon from the left. After clicking on this button, you will be taken to the page with all of your queries. Graduate Coordinators may also access this query through their Graduate Coordinator Toolbox on the Slate Homepage. 

On the right side of the screen, make sure that you have selected "Include Shared Queries" and the "Admissions" folder. Search "Fellowship Nomination - Eligible Applicants" in the search bar. You should see the query "Fellowship Nomination - Eligible Applicants" pop up. Click on it. 

Before you run the query, you'll need to make a copy of it for your department's use. Click on edit query:

Make a copy by clicking on "Save Copy" as the instructions note in the query, and update the realm and folder to that of your department to it is easily accessible to you moving forward. Click "copy" once you have done so.

Be sure to update the realm to your department's realm, and to save the query in your department's folder. If you haven't created one for your department, you may do so by selecting "other" and then typing in/creating the folder for your department. 

Once you save a copy of this query for your use, you'll need to update the program interest (app) in your query to your program - shown below! You do this by by selecting "edit query" and then selecting your program from the list under Program Interest (App) filter. 

You're now ready to run your query! 

Once you run the query, you should see all the applicants that are eligible to nominate for a Fellowship (those who answered at least 2 of the 7 "Additional Educational Experiences" questions in the application). The query will also include the number of Reviewers that have recommended the applicant for the Fellowships. This should assist you with narrowing down nominees to move forward and have considered by the Fellowship Committee.

To Nominate Applicants in the Fellowship Workflow

Part I: Upload Nomination Materials to the Student Record 

Fellowship Nomination Form

Faculty Nomination letter

Tribal Membership Initiative

Tribal affiliation documentation

Sloan Scholar Award

Faculty Nomination Letter

Katzin Prize

Faculty nomination letter

Financial Support Letter

STARS and UC HBCU fellowships require verification of participation but do not require materials to be uploaded to the Student Record.

Please Note:  Instructions on how to upload a new material to the Student Record can be found in the "Uploading New Materials Through the Student Record" page. Please be sure to read through the entire page for specific Fellowship information.

Part 2:  Nominating in the Reader

First, go into the reader tool and click on the "Fellowships" Workflow. Go to the "Browse" tab to view all the bins:


The "Applicants" bin will hold all applicants that have been nominated by the department for admission. This bin is where you will go to select the students that you wish to nominate for the fellowships.

There is no review form in the "Applicants" bin. You will simply be moving the applications to the "Short-List" bin. To move the desired applicants to the next bin, begin by searching their name in the "Search" tab and click on the paper icon to the right of the application.

This will take you directly into the application. Click on the Applicant name and Applicant ID on the top left of the page, which will prompt a window to pop up. Then click on the "Edit Bin/Queue" button.

Under the "Bin" drop-down, select the next bin that you will need to move the application to. This will need to be the "Dept Fellowship Review - Short-List" option. Do not send the application to any other bin, as a review form will need to be submitted by the department from the Short-List bin.

Add yourself as a Reader so that you may complete the review form. Click "Save" when finished.

Applications that you have narrowed down will now be in the "Short-List" bin. This bin is where you will go to select which Fellowship you wish to grant to the applicants.

First, add all of the applicants to your queue so that you will be able to access the Review Form. You may do this by clicking all of the applications, followed by clicking the "Add to Queue" button on the top right of the screen.

Once all of the applicants have been added to your queue, you can start reviewing. Go into a student's application and click the "Review Form / Send to Bin" on the bottom right of the screen. The Review Form will pop up.

Select the Fellowship you wish to nominate the student for. Click "Send" when you have finished, and the application will be sent to the "Nominations" bin for the Nomination Committee to review. 

After completing this process, send the Fellowship nominations to the "Nominations" bin for the Fellowship Review Committee to view. Students nominated by the Fellowship Committee will be sent to the "Awarded" bin. Fellowship nominations that the Committee does not grant an offer to will be sent to the "Denied" bin.