San Diego and Cota Robles Fellowship resources are awarded from an annual fixed allocation of diversity incentive funding that departments receive for direct-to-student aid in order to support the pursuit of their specific diversity goals. Departments choose the amount(s) awarded to any given incoming or existing student, and may spend their resources on more than one student. 

Departments can award their San Diego and Cota Robles resources in any of the following ways: 

Every graduate program receives San Diego and Cota Robles fellowship resources that they can flexibly use to promote diversity. Departments may make  fellowship awards to students whose presence enhances the diversity of the entire campus community. Eligible students  are defined as US Citizens, Permanent Residents, or AB 540 qualified students whose presence would enhance diversity to the benefit of the entire campus community. This includes being from a disadvantaged social, educational, or economic background, and/or demonstrating a commitment to diversity and/or being committed to increasing educational access for underrepresented students.