Graduate Division, along with the Campus UCPath team, is facilitating Mass Hires into UCPath for Graduate Students appointed to Academic titles.  Follow the steps below to complete training and get access to the submission workflow. 

Currently, you must have a minimum total of 10 new hire/concurrent records per file upload to utilize this process. 


Join the Graduate Student Financial Support (previously Graduate Student Employment) team in Microsoft Teams

  1. Navigate to the Mass Hires Orientation channel
  2. Review the training video, presentation slides, and spreadsheet template in the Files tab.

Create a spreadsheet with your hires.  You will be able to check for accuracy, completeness of data, and ask questions when you meet with the Employment team.

Meet with Graduate Student Employment Team to complete orientation and review spreadsheet.  Tag an Employment Coordinator using the @ symbol.  

After the meeting with the Employment team, you will be added to the "Mass Hires - Academic Students" Team in Microsoft Teams.  This is the method we use for submitting files to CCP and UCPC.


Our goal is process mass hires ahead of the proposed service period, in accordance with UC and UCPath policy.

MonthRecommended Contact DateQCU QueueReview Period BeginsSubmit to CCPMonthly Payroll Deadline
June 202105/2106/0406/0706/1106/18
July 202106/2207/0607/0707/1307/20
August 202107/2308/0608/0908/1308/20
September 202108/2309/0609/0709/1309/20
October 20219/2110/0510/0610/1210/19
November 202110/2011/0311/0411/1011/17
December 202111/2212/0612/0712/1312/20