Use the Mass Funding template to submit funding actions for upload into UCPath.  


  1. Review the Job Aids
    1. UPK: Job Aid: Complete the CSV File Template for Mass Funding Uploads
    2. UPK: PHCMGENL201 Funding Entry and Update
  2. Complete the Mass Funding template spreadsheet:  UCPath Templates
    1. Mass Funding Template Guide (Google Sheet)
    2. Save template as an excel format
  3. Submit to the Graduate Employment team using this Google Form: Mass PayPath & Mass Funding Request


MonthDeadline to Submit to FSUMonthly Payroll Deadline (3:00 pm)E-703 Funding Upload Deadline

Non-transaction Days (MO/BW)

January 2023

February 202302/06/2302/14/2302/17/2302/22/23-02/24/23
March 202303/09/2303/17/2303/23/2303/24/23-03/28/23
April 202304/10/2304/18/2304/21/2304/25/23-04/27/23
May 202305/11/2305/19/2305/24/2305/26/23-05/31/23
June 202306/08/2306/16/2306/22/2306/26/23-06/28/23
July 202307/11/2307/19/2307/24/2307/26/23-07/28/23
August 202308/11/2308/21/2308/24/2308/28/23-08/30/23
September 202309/08/2309/18/2309/21/2309/25/23-09/27/23
October 202310/11/2310/19/2310/24/2310/26/23-10/30/23
November 202311/08/2311/16/2311/21/2311/27/23-11/29/23
December 202312/08/2312/18/2312/21/2312/27/23-01/02/24