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Tutor – Job Code 2860


A Tutor provides tutoring to individual (one-on-one) or small groups (three or more) of undergraduate or graduate students who require additional help to understand a course or topical material. In some instances, tutoring may focus on improved use of the English language.

Use of Title

The Tutor title is approved for use in specific programs including: Academic Enrichment Program, CSE, ECE, Economics, GPS, Graduate Enrichment, Honors Achievement Workshop, Humanities, IDEA Student Center (Jacobs School of Engineering), Linguistics, MAE, Medical School Tutorial Program, MESA Engineering, Nanoengineering, OASIS, Physics, SIO, Subject A, Teaching and Learning Commons, Theatre, and the Writing Center. Any other Department or Program use of the Tutor title must have prior written approval by the Dean of Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs.

This title can be used for Programs previously approved by the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs.


Students appointed to this job code must meet the graduate student academic eligibility criteria listed in Chapter 3. Submit an Employment Exception Request to Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs to make use of this job code.

Appointment Process

Concurrent Appointments

If the student is already set up as a Teaching Assistant or other monthly appointment and you are adding a concurrent tutorship, you MUST add the Tutor at a monthly rate.

IA System

The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor has developed an online system that helps academic departments and programs to facilitate the assignment and hiring process for students applying for TA, Reader, Tutor, Undergraduate Instructional Apprentice, and Associates-In positions.

The Instructional Assistant Data Management System (IA System) allows Departmental staff to create custom questionnaires for Academic Student Employee (ASE) positions they want to fill, and provides a way for students to apply for those positions online.  Departments and programs that already know who will fill these positions can simply assign the students and send them offers through the system.

The IA System provides additional data from various campus resources on each applicant, to help facilitate the decision-making process and to provide a single repository for relevant data.  The system also provides the opportunity for instructors to select and rank applicants, if the department/program wishes to include instructor input in the decision-making process.  The IA System also streamlines the approval process for graduate students being hired outside their home departments.

Once a final hiring decision is made, Departmental staff assign the student to a class and make an offer through the IA System.  The student is sent an e-mail notification, which includes instructions and a link back to the system, where he/she can accept or decline the offer.  For paid assignments, the system generates a PDF appointment letter, which the student is required to open before he/she can accept the offer.

The ASE assignments also make it easy for an academic department or program to participate in the online Evaluations system.  This system, which launched in Spring 2012, allows students to evaluate their ASEs and graduate courses, and instructors to evaluate their ASEs.

To obtain access, please contact ATS at  To start the recruiting process for your department, go to

Pay Rate

Graduate student Tutors can be paid at either the Single Session rate (one-on-one tutoring) or at the Group Session rate (three or more in the group receiving the tutoring).  Refer to the Student Academic Title Rates sheet for current rates.

Pay Schedule

Tutors are always set up on sub-2 and subject to positive time reporting using EcoTime.

Position Begin and End Dates

Tutor begin and end dates can vary. Some Tutor appointments are set up for the actual quarter dates and others are set up for the Fall quarter begin date through 12/31, Winter from 1/1 - 3/31 and Spring from 4/1 – 6/30. When using a 10/01 start date for a new hire tutor, the oath must be signed on or before the first day of the quarter (not the pay period). For example, if Fall quarter begins on 9/22, the oath must be signed by that date, not on 10/1 which is the pay period start date.

Undergraduate Tutors

Undergraduate Tutors may work the summer after graduation.

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