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Information of SHORE can be found here: SHORE Information (Student Housing Opportunity for Recruitment Enhancement)

Information of Graduate and Family Housing can be found here: 

Departments can nominate applicants for SHORE (Student Housing Opportunity for Recruitment Enhancement) in Slate. Nominations may be made either before or after the applicant has been provisionally admitted to the program. However, offers will not be made until applicants have been provisionally admitted. 

For each department, the Graduate Coordinators (or anyone with a Graduate Coord./Admin role) will be the ones to move SHORE nomination applications from bin to bin, similar to the process for nominating for admission.

To Nominate Applicants in the SHORE Workflow

  1. Go into the reader tool and click on the "SHORE" Workflow. Go to the "Browse" tab to view all the bins:

2. The "SHORE Applicants" bin will hold all applicants that have been nominated by the department for admission. This bin is where you will go to select the students that you wish to move to the SHORE Short List for internal review.

3. There is no review form in the "SHORE Applicants" bin. You will simply be moving the applications to the "SHORE Short-List" bin. To move the desired applicants to the next bin, begin by searching their name in the "Search" tab and click on the paper icon to the right of the application.

4. This will take you directly into the application. Click on the Applicant name and Applicant ID on the top left of the page, which will prompt a window to pop up. Then click on the "Edit Bin/Queue" button.

5. Under the "Bin" drop-down, select the next bin that you will need to move the application to. This will need to be the "Dept SHORE Review - SHORE Short-List" option. Do not send the application to any other bin, as a review form will need to be submitted by the department from the Short-List bin.

6. Add yourself as a Reader so that you may complete the review form. Click "Save" when finished.

7. Applications that you have narrowed down will now be in the "SHORE Short-List" bin. This bin is where you will go to rank and nominate your applicants for SHORE.

  • First, add all of the applicants to your queue so that you will be able to access the Review Form. You may do this by clicking all of the applications, followed by clicking the "Add to Queue" button on the top right of the screen.
  • Once all of the applicants have been added to your queue, you can start reviewing. Go into a student's application and click the "Review Form / Send to Bin" on the bottom right of the screen. The SHORE Nomination Form will pop up.
  • Enter the ranking (1 being top priority) position of the applicant. You may nominate more applicants than department spots so that SHORE offers can be extended to additional applicants in the case of a top nominee declining SHORE.  No applicants should have the same ranking position. Click "Send" when you have finished, and the application will be sent to the "SHORE Nominations" bin for review. 

8. After completing this process, send the nominations to the "SHORE Nominations" bin for review. Graduate Division will confirm the applicant is eligible for SHORE. If the student is eligible, an offer will be sent out within 1-2 business days.