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The Fulbright-Hays DDRA Fellowship Program provides opportunities for doctoral students to engage in dissertation research abroad in modern foreign languages and area studies. The program is designed to contribute to the development and improvement of the study of modern foreign languages and area studies in the United States, and provides grants to colleges and universities to fund individual doctoral students to conduct research in other countries in modern foreign languages and area studies for periods of 6 to 12 months.

At a Glance

Click here to see the DDRA press kit published by the Department of Education.

Click here to see the Award Information (including estimated available funds, average size of award, estimated number of awards, and project period).


Click here to see eligibility information published by the Department of Education.

Important Links

Agency URL: U.S. Department of Education Fulbright-Hays--Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad
Federal Register: Applications for New Awards; Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship Program

These links will are the primary and most current source of information, directly from the sponsoring agency, regarding agency deadlines*, eligibility, and application process.

*See also the Internal Deadlines section below to meet UCSD timelines for submission.

Internal Deadlines
tbd 202314 business days before the agency deadlineCompleted, individual student applications are due in the G5 web application (submitted by the student) 
tbd 20235 business days before the agency deadlineCombined institutional grant application submitted by the Project Director (GEPA) to OCGA for final review
tbd 2023(typically in April each year)Agency Deadline (final institutional grant application submitted to the Office of Postsecondary Education, Department of Education).

A single Fulbright-Hays DDRA application must be submitted on behalf of the UC San Diego campus. To ensure the application is submitted on time, GEPA sets internal deadlines so that the Project Director and the Contracts and Grants Officer to review the individual student applications prior to both OCGA review deadlines and the agency submission deadline.

Delaying submission to accommodate one applicant who does not meet the internal deadline would jeopardize all of the other applicants. 

How to Apply

Kuali Record Required

GEPA will coordinate a single institutional Proposal Development record in Kuali Research, and will adhere to the proposal submission timelines (14/5/2) set by OCGA.  In order to meet these timelines, individual students must complete their applications in G5 at least 14 days in advance of the agency deadline (see Internal Deadlines above).

Students will use the G5 system to submit their individual submission to the agency; the Program Director then compiles individual doctoral student submissions and incorporates them into the institutional grant application that is submitted electronically through the G5 system. GEPA acts as the Program Director for UC San Diego.

Application instructions can be found here (look for an MS Word document under "Current Application") – please reference this information for the list of documents required for submission.

Note: pay special attention to the section on "IRB Information for Student Applicants". If your research involves human subjects - whether or not your UCSD IRB approval is current, pending, or exempt - you will need to provide a separate narrative to the Program Director in a text-editable format (e.g. Google Doc, Word, etc.). This document will be incorporated into the institutional grant proposal compiled by the Program Director.

For all of the required materials, all attachments and submitted forms must follow Fulbright-Hays DDRA formatting guidelines and page limits. If the application exceeds the page limit, the submission will be rejected.


More Information

Click here to view a list of FAQs published by the Department of Education.

See the Orientation Handbook for DDRA Fellows section (below) to see documents provided to 2022 Fellows.

How will tuition and fees be covered while on DDRA Fellowship?

Enrolling In Absentia status will reduce tuition costs while maintaining health coverage (as part of campus-based fees). 

Please work with your academic home department to identify an appropriate funding source to cover the costs of tuition & fees, per the financial support letter you received at the time of admission.

Orientation Handbook for DDRA Fellows

Take a look ahead at what you can expect if you are selected as to receive a DDRA Fellowship! These documents are the actual orientation, handbook and other guidance provided to current Fellows.

Please use them to familiarize yourself with requirements and logistics as you plan your proposed research itinerary and budget.

If the Google Drive folder widget does not display on your device, please click here instead.

Get Help / Contact the Project Director

For questions or assistance, please visit and submit a help ticket. Select the following options / include "Fulbright-Hays DDRA" in the subject line as follows:

Important Information

The Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions in the applicant's submission.

We will do our best to review the format of the proposal; however, the final responsibility for format, content, and completeness always rests with the applicant.

Please proofread the application fully and connect with both the Graduate Financial Support Unit and your departmental fund manager for additional guidance prior to submission.