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Eligibility Last Updated

SP21 eligibility for NRST coverage has been updated 3/8/21.

For more information, please expand "For Graduate Coordinators / Financial Staff > Eligibility" below.

The below information pertains to post-candidacy NRST coverage for COVID-affected quarters (i.e., students who have exceeded the typical 9-quarter waiver period granted by UCOP).

GSGEI / Pre-candidacy Coverage

For students who are pre-candidacy, coverage (fee payments) should be processed by the student's home department/program, and the return will be provided via the GSGEI budget model. 

Please submit questions regarding GSGEI budget models to Adrian Petersen (

For Students:

Update on 07/27/21 - For those students wishing to apply for a change of residency status (NONRESIDENT to RESIDENT) for the Fall 2021 quarter, you may apply for a Change of Residency Classification beginning August 2nd – September 3rd, 2021. Full email from the Residence Deputy here; Change of Classification Petition here.

The list of eligible students is shared with Graduate Coordinators. If you have questions regarding your NRST coverage, please first check in with your Graduate Coordinator (they can escalate inquiries to the Graduate Division if necessary).

Please review the Criteria to Establish Residence for Tuition Purposes. If you qualify for California residency and file to establish residency with the Residence Deputy, you will not be charged NRST (eliminating the need for coverage).  For assistance or questions regarding California residency, contact the Residence Deputy (

For Graduate Coordinators / Financial Staff:
  • The updated list of eligible students can be accessed here: Students Eligible for COVID-19 NRST Coverage Extension (Google Sheets)
    • Access to this document is limited to Graduate Coordinators and Department Business Officers via UC San Diego Active Directory credentials.
  • The list displays current quarter eligibility. Students who are still within their waiver period do not appear on the list.
  • If you believe an eligible student is missing from the list and/or did not receive the appropriate coverage, please submit a ticket at
  • If a student is an eligible GSR, GSRTF will be charged to cover NRST. Students who are eligible for NRST coverage via GSRTF will not receive COVID-affected coverage instead. Please continue to request GSRTF via the Financial Support Request Tool (FSRT).  
  • Payments will be made for eligible students automatically (the Google form used for FA20 will not be required).  If any payment appears to have been missed or requires correction, please submit a ticket at as outlined above under "Eligibility".
  • If a student was eligible for coverage in FA20 but NRST was paid via department or other discretionary, FSU staff will adjust the payment in the Financial Support Request Tool (FSRT) to credit the discretionary source for FA20.
  • If a student is eligible for coverage in WI21 or SP21, FSU staff will coordinate the payment in the FSRT.
  • The process for FA21 and beyond is tbd; please check back here for updates.