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The only allowable costs for this solicitation is stipend, institutional allowance, and tuition and fees. The stipend and institutional allowance are set by NIH. The tuition and fees exclude health insurance because NIH does not allow for the tuition and fees request to include health insurance. Health insurance can be paid out of the institutional allowance, but this decision is up to the department. The tuition and fees are then escalated 10 percent every year. For more information about the budget, please see the budget book below.


Please note the allowable and unallowable costs for this award, found on the NIH website


  1. Application Guide UCSD NIH F31
    • Guide to filling out the ASSIST application online, for your reference.
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  2. Biosketch - Predoctoral Fellowship Biosketch 
  3. Budget Guide
  4. Checklist
    • View file
    • Provides a step by step guide for the entire NIH F31 campus process, for your reference.
  5. Intake Form
  6. Fellowship Assurance Form
    • Submit to
    • Or submit a hard copy, in person at the Graduate Division or via campus mail (MC 0003).