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titleWhat changes do I need to make to entries for the proportional split of tuition and fees?

Please see FAQ: FSRT Entries & Proportional Split

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titleWhen will the tool open for users to make entries for 2021-2022?

Summer 2021:

Stipend and fee payments for Summer opened May 17.

Academic Year 2021-2022:

Stipends: opened July 30.

Fee payments (under "draft fellowship"): August 24.

Tuition remission (under "GSRTF or TA Fee Remission Request"): August 24.

We understand this is time sensitive, and we are working to open the new academic year as soon as possible.

Entry deadlines will be posted in conjunction with the opening of the FSRT for the academic year periods - please see: Graduate Financial Support Calendar


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titleWhy is the tool opening so late this year?

UC San Diego will replace the Financial Aid System as part of the ESR-SIS program, and ProSAM IAM will not be implemented in the interim. 

Instead, the current Financial Support Request Tool (FSRT) will continue as the application used to gather graduate financial support (fee remission, fee payment, and stipend) requests from graduate coordinators/other staff in academic departments and programs.

To extend the life cycle of this legacy application for use until the new SIS implementation, configuration updates must be made in ProSAM (more below) that were not originally anticipated.

See also: ProSAM IAM (Institutional Awards Module) ESR Project

The disbursement date for fee payments on student billing accounts will be adjusted for graduate students for AY21-22.

Previously, graduate fee payments and employment-based tuition remission did not appear on student billing accounts until 10 days before the start of the academic quarter.  This timing is required for federally funded financial aid, and until this year, merit-based graduate student support used the same disbursement schedule in ProSAM as financial aid.

Moving forward, we are aiming to allow graduate fee payments and employment-based tuition remission to post as soon as two business days after registration fees are assessed. The actual date that students will see the payment or remission post to their bill will depend on how early support is scheduled in the FSRT.  However, we anticipate that for many students the earlier appearance of the payment will reduce questions to department coordinators as well as FSU/SFS staff.

See also: Graduate Financial Support Calendar 

The Graduate Funding Reform for proportional split of tuition & fees will be partially implemented in AY21-22.

Per ongoing graduate funding reforms, the phased implementation of a proportional split of tuition remission charges between ASE and GSR employee payroll funding sources in Fall 2021 will move forward as planned. Additional details on the implementation of proportional split are forthcoming - please see: Graduate Student Funding Policy & Reforms and FAQ: FSRT Entries & Proportional Split (pardon our dust on this one - major edits coming soon!).


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titleWhat is an AIDID? How do I request a new one?

Please see: AIDIDGSAS: Request New or UpdateAIDID

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titleHow do I change fund sources on a previously entered support request (retroactive funding changes)?

For general instructions, please see our Financial Support Request Tool Documentation under "How to Edit a Payment Request".

For retroactive corrections to AY20-21 support that were a direct result of delayed AIDIDs, please see special instructions under "AY2021 Stipends & Fees / AIDID Cleanup Instructions" on the page AIDIDGSAS: Request New or UpdateAIDID.

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titleWill FSU enter T32/F30/F31 [and other multi-year funding] financial support as they have in the past?

Please enter the support in the appropriate support year/months.

We are reviewing the possibility of opening future years in the FSRT to accommodate these entries, but will not get to this option until current year priorities have been resolved - please stay tuned for updates!