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Summer Session Payroll Training 2022

Video recording (Graduate Employment discussion begins at 30.23 minute mark)

Summer Session Mass Additional Pay Training 2022

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titleTA Daily Rate of Pay

Teaching Assistant appointments are paid via additional pay during Summer Session.  Processing of TA Daily Rate of Pay in Summer Session consists of calculating the correct salary and entering that amount into the Additional Pay tab.  There are no adjustments to the pay components as there are during the normal Academic Year.   To make an adjustment, first, calculate the hours the student will work for Summer Session and then multiply by the TA Hourly Rate that is pre-determined by Summer Session.  Once the total pay amount is determined for the particular Summer Session, add that amount in the Additional Pay tab. 


Student A was hired late into a 50% TA appointment for Session 1 of 2021. Their official start date is 7/5/21 and they have missed the first week of classes; they will work 50% time from 7/5 - the end of Session 1 or 80 hours. The student's lump sum for Session 1 would be calculated as:

80 hours x $34.20 = $2,736

The Additional Pay tab would be completed as follows: