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Master’s en route: if a student did not earn a bachelor’s degree from a California HSI, and was not enrolled in a master’s program at a California HSI, but was awarded a master’s degree en route to the PhD (at a UC HSI), that student should NOT be considered eligible for this fellowship. If a student was enrolled in and completed a master’s degree at a California HSI (including a UC HSI), that student is eligible for the fellowship (regardless of whether or not the student completed a bachelor’s degree at a California HSI). It is incumbent upon the graduate divisions to ensure that this guideline is followed. Beyond being contrary to the spirit of the Initiative, awarding the fellowship to a UC HSI student who earned a master’s en route to a PhD but does not hold a bachelor’s degree from a California HSI creates inequity for UC students, since not all PhD programs award a master’s degree en route.

Please note UC San Diego is not yet designated as an HSI, so UC San Diego bachelor's and master's degree alumni are not eligible.

Nominees for the UC President's Pre-professoriate fellowship must: