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Eligibility Requirements set by IBM PhD Fellowship

(Does not represent any political opinions of Faculty or Staff of UC San Diego)

Must be nominated by a doctoral faculty member; students cannot nominate themselves.

Enrolled full-time in a PhD program over the two consecutive academic years of the award or forfeit the fellowship.

Should have three years remaining in their program at the time of nomination so the fellowship can be applied to the last two years of study.

Students from U.S. embargoed countries are not eligible for the program.
Students receiving a comparable fellowship, internship, or support from another company or institution (except for academic scholarships) during the IBM PhD Fellowship funding period are ineligible for this award

Notice to Applicants: you must stay in the same program for the duration of the award —no transferring of departments or schools.


Students may not "Self Nominate"


Faculty submit nominations for the annual IBM PhD Fellowship program in the fall of every year, and exact times may vary from year to year. The 2022 application window will run from October 11 through November 5. Notification of nominee status takes place in early spring 2023 and are contingent upon the completion of all required documentation and due diligence requirements.


Submit proposals that address accelerating the discovery process in scientific inquiry and impact real issues. Submittals should support one of the subsets of a major category in the following list:


Award recipients will be selected based on their overall potential for research excellence, the degree to which their technical interests align with those of IBM, and their progress to-date, as evidenced by publications and endorsements from their faculty advisor and department head.

Application Must be Filled Out in One Session

PhD Nominee information

Name, Department, Academic or professional website, phone, university name, country, entry date into the program, expected graduation date, current completed degree, visa status if applicable.  Google Scholar  publications and citations, latest completed degree, career goal (professional researcher, professor, etc.)  Interest in an IBM internship, list of all IBM activities (communities, sponsored collaborations, activities, conferences, courses, internships, presentations, events, promotions, products, services, etc. with which the student has engaged.