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Policy Exceptions

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titleAcademic Year Appointments Over 50% Time

U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents

The employment of a graduate student over 50% time during the academic year requires the prior authorization by:

  • The hiring Departments/Programs and/or funding sources involved

  • The student’s Academic Home Department's Chair

  • The Dean of Graduate Division

Departments requesting an exception to the 50% cap, should submit an Employment Exception Request form and any additional documentation to the Financial Support Exceptions Google Form.  A separate form should be submitted for each student.  The exception request is initiated by the funding source requesting the exception.  For additional information visit the Employment Exception Request Guidelines.

In general, a request for exception up to a maximum of 75% time will be considered.  GSRs may not be appointed over 49.99% during the academic months; no exceptions can be made to this policy.

IMPORTANT:  Students appointed over 50% may be eligible for core benefits as outlined in Chapter 13.

International Students 

An international student in F-1 or J-1 status is restricted to on-campus employment of a maximum of 50% time (20 hours per week) during the academic year.  During the summer, 100% employment is allowed (depending on the student’s Academic Department support policy) if the student intends to enroll full time Fall quarter and meets all other eligibility criteria.  No exceptions are permitted to these rules.  Contact the Global Education Division with questions.

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titleAcademic Student Employee (ASE) Exceptions

Associate (teaching a course) or Teaching Assistant (TA) Appointments Less Than Entire Quarter and Change in Percent Time

It is an exception to appoint a Teaching Assistant for less than the entire quarter or to increase the percent time mid-quarter.  The action requires pre-approval by staff in the Graduate Division Financial Support Unit (FSU). The FSU staff will determine if the situation also requires a formal exception letter and consideration by the Dean of Graduate Division.  The action also requires special coordination with the Payroll Office since paychecks are not automatically generated.

TAs have a pay period in the Payroll system (three full months) but a service period of the actual quarter dates.  If a student does not work the entire quarter (begins late or ends early) or changes the percent time mid-quarter, the action requires that you calculate the TA daily rate of pay with FSU staff assistance. 

See Chapter 5: Guide for Teaching Assistants and Calculating a Daily Rate of Pay

Also, be aware that if the student does not work the equivalent of 50% time for half of the quarter, they will become ineligible for the TAHI/TAFE payments and will be billed by the University.  This is another reason why you must contact FSU staff prior to inputting the action into the Payroll system.

Associate (in-lieu-of-TA) Title in Other Than Approved Programs

The Associate (in-lieu-of TA) title has been approved for specific programs including:

  • Department of Cognitive Science

  • Department of Political Science

  • Department of Psychology

  • Department of Sociology

  • Teaching + Learning Commons, Center for Engaged Teaching

  • The Division of Biological Sciences

Any other departmental usage requires the approval of the Dean of the Graduate Division.

Non-Student Tutors and Readers

For information about non-student appointments please see Chapter 9: Guide for Non-Students

Tutor Title in Other than Approved Programs

Only programs that have received prior approval by the Graduate Division may use the Tutor title code.

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title18-Quarter Exceptions

18-Quarter Exceptions

Per APM 410, the total length of service for Teaching Assistants and Associates (teaching a class) may not exceed 18 quarters across all of UC.  No exceptions can be granted to the UC-wide18-quarter limit. 

Students may still be employed in other graduate academic titles, including other instructional titles, once their 18 quarters have expired.  The Summer period does not count towards this limit.

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titleNon-Degree Student in Academic Titles

The appointment of a non-degree graduate student (a student admitted to Non-Degree status) on an academic title requires prior written approval by the student’s Department/Program Chair and the Dean of Graduate Division.  Exceptions will be considered if all degree students in the Department are fully supported and that the non-degree student is not taking away support from a degree student (a student admitted for a Master’s or Doctoral degree).

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titleGSR Rate Increases

Graduate Division will consider, on a case-by-case basis, exception requests from a hiring department to pay the student at a higher step level.  For these types of requests, the hiring department should explain the type of work the student is doing, why it warrants the higher rate of pay, if the same rate of pay is applied to other students from different departments (meaning, including how does that department plan plans to pay students hired from higher-paying departments, or ; is that the standard rate for this position all the time, etc.), and if the funding source requires a certain level of pay.