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titleAssociate-In and Teaching Assistant Appointments
  1. Create position (or extend if same)
    1. Make sure FTE is 0.00 for the Summer period
  2. Add funding; all earnings will be from the ASN earn code
    1. Refer to the "How to Create New Position Funding" Job Aid on UCPath Training Job Aids > Funding
  3. Hire student into position
    1. Refer to Choosing the Correct Template and/or
  4. Add additional pay in PayPath OR complete additional pay spreadsheet
  5. Use this Google Form to submit your spreadsheet by 7/2/2021 for Summer Session 1. 
    1. School of Medicine/Health Sciences:  If you are on the Health side of Campus and don't have access, please submit a ticket to email with sheet attached; Subject: Summer Session Additional Pay File - DEPT. This will generate a Services & Support ticket for FSU to review and process the additional pay spreadsheet. 

UCPath Job Aid

"How to Process Payments for Graduate Students in Summer Session" found on Job Aids and Quick References under PayPath Transactions.

Please refer to this job aid to determine which scenario your student falls into:

  • Existing Job is Active
  • Existing Job is on Short Work Break
  • No Existing Job