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Use the Mass Funding template to submit funding actions for upload into UCPath.  

We are piloting this process with departments now!  If you are interested in being part of the pilot, please contact Courtney Aguila,



  1. Review the Job Aids
    1. UPK: Job Aid: Complete the CSV File Template for Mass Funding Uploads
    2. UPK: PHCMGENL201 Funding Entry and Update


  1. Complete the Mass Funding template spreadsheet:  UCPath Templates
    1. Mass Funding Template Guide (Google Sheet)
  2. Submit to the Graduate Employment team using this Google Form: Mass PayPath & Mass Funding Request


  • Deadline to Submit to FSU:  This is the deadline to submit a spreadsheet to the Graduate Student Employment team for review and submission (approximately 6 business days before the Funding Upload Deadline)
  • Monthly Payroll Deadline:  Employee data change deadline.  Find links to the Payroll Processing Schedule on the UCPath website or the Transactor Resources page.
  • E-703 Funding Upload Deadline:  This is the UCPath deadline to upload funding changes for the associated payroll period.  Find links to the Payroll Processing Schedule on the UCPath website or the Transactor Resources page.
  • Non-transaction Days:  No funding transactions may be processed between the Pay Confirm Date and the GL Post-Confirm Date (Complete)

MonthDeadline to Submit to FSUMonthly Payroll Deadline (3:00 pm)E-703 Funding Upload Deadline

Non-transaction Days (MO/BW)

January 2022

February 202202/14/2202/16/2202/22/2202/23/22-02/25/22
March 202203/15/2203/18/2203/23/2203/28/22-03/30/22
April 202204/08/2204/18/2204/21/2204/25/22-04/27/22
May 202205/11/2205/19/2205/24/2205/26/22-05/31/22
June 202206/09/2206/17/2206/23/2206/27/22-06/29/22
July 202207/11/2207/19/2207/22/2207/26/22-07/28/22
August 202208/11/2208/19/2208/24/2208/26/22-08/30/22
September 202209/09/2209/19/2209/22/2209/26/22-09/28/22
October 202210/10/2210/18/2210/21/2210/24/22-10/28/22
November 202211/14/2211/16/2211/21/2211/23/22-11/29/22
December 202212/09/2212/19/2212/20/2212/27/22-01/03/23