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7. Applications that you have narrowed down will now be in the "SHORE Short-List" bin. This bin is where you will go to rank and nominate your applicants for SHORE.

  •  First, add all of the applicants to your queue so that you will be able to access the Review Form. You may do this by clicking all of the applications, followed by clicking the "Add to Queue" button on the top right of the screen.
  •  Once all of the applicants have been added to your queue, you can start reviewing. Go into a student's application and click the "Review Form / Send to Bin" on the bottom right of the screen. The SHORE Nomination Form will pop up.
  •  Enter the ranking (1 being top priority) position of the applicant. You may nominate more applicants than department spots so that SHORE offers can be extended to additional applicants in the case of a top nominee declining SHORE.  No applicants should have the same ranking position. Click "Send" when you have finished, and the application will be sent to the "SHORE Nominations" bin for review.