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Landing page with information, links to reference documents, FAQs, and more.  Please check back frequently for updates related to graduate student employment on graduate academic titles.  For comprehensive training, job aids, and UCPath updates, please refer to the UC San Diego UC Path homepage

See the UCPath Transactor Materials page for announcements, updates, population-specific Zoom sessions, Zoom appointments, and more! (you should bookmark the Transactor Materials page)

Contact Courtney Aguila or Kacy Cashatt at for information on this page.

Winter 2021, effective February 2021

UCPath for Graduate Student Employment: Office Hours

1st and 3rd Wednesdays: 2:00pm - 2:50pm     

 Zoom Link:    
Meeting ID:  990 6106 1903

Intralocation Transfer

Effective December 2020, please discontinue the use of the Intralocation Transfer Process for Academics.  Full details here.

Reporting Tools

We are working with a central team to produce various student and financial support reports. We would like your input in this important process.  We are asking for ideas and samples of reports that you have used, are using now, or would like to help manage your student population. Feel free to attach multiple files. Click here to complete the Google Form!

Microsoft Teams
Join us for conversations, quick questions, moral support, and more on Microsoft Teams! Click this link to join the Graduate Student Employment Team

Search UCPath for Graduate Student Employment!

Need More Help?

Submit a ticket to Services & Support!

Contact Courtney Aguila or Kacy Cashatt at for information on this page.

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