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Due to the recent decision that UC San Diego will be replacing its Financial Aid System as part of the Enterprise Systems Renewal program, it has been decided that the Institutional Awards Module (IAM) implementation will not move forward. 

This will reduce change management by staff having to migrate to IAM only to migrate again to a new Financial Support System as a result of the Financial Aid System replacement.

Instead, the current Financial Support Request Tool (FSRT) will continue as the application used to gather graduate financial support (fee remission, fee payment, and stipend) requests from graduate coordinators/other staff in academic departments and programs.

To extend the life cycle of this legacy application for use until the new SIS implementation, configuration updates must be made in ProSAM, and remediation of the process to set up new ISIS/ProSAM funding codes (detail codes/aidids) will continue.

The FSRT is already open for Summer 2021 fee payments and stipends. Users may continue to schedule summer support as needed.

The FSRT will not open for academic year (FA/WI/SP) entries until testing for these configuration changes is complete in the ProSAM/ISIS/OFC QA environments.  More information will be shared about the specific configurations and any process impact at a later date. Entry deadlines will be posted here in conjunction with the opening of the FSRT for the academic year periods.

Fellowship stipend payments for graduate students will continue on a monthly cycle - no change to quarterly payments will happen at this time.

Project Updates and Announcements

As many of you know, the Graduate Division Financial Support Unit (FSU) has been working hard to implement ProSAM IAM (Institutional Awards Module) in order to optimize the process of committing and awarding graduate student financial support. Because this project is significantly impacted by both the UCPath and Oracle Financial Cloud conversions, we have decided to delay the launch of IAM until early 2021. This modification will allow us more time for user acceptance testing and exploring potential integrations with other ESR systems. Our goal is to deliver an even better product early next calendar year, and begin accepting financial commitments in IAM for the 2021-22 Academic Year.

Campus partners should continue to use the Graduate Division's Online Financial Support Request Tool to submit all fellowship and fee payment requests for both domestic and international graduate students. We will send a separate notification email once the online tool is ready to accept requests for 2020-21. Fellowship payouts for 2020-21 will continue to happen on a monthly basis. As everyone is aware, international graduate student fellowships are no longer being processed via payroll entry and instead will be routed through Oracle Financial Cloud (OFC). Please continue to enter these fellowship requests into the online tool as usual, and the FSU will coordinate disbursements via OFC. 

Thank you for your continued support of this important project and for your flexibility and understanding with the modified timeline. 


Since fall quarter 2019, the IAM project team has been consulting with a small group of campus partners to help us gather baseline requirements for the new system. This next phase of the project will involve campus partners from all areas that financially support graduate students so we are sure to configure the new system to support our key business processes. We aim to go live with ProSAM IAM in summer 2021 and work on system optimization in summer 2022 when graduate student stipend and fee payments are generally fewer. The current Financial Support Request Tool will be retired in September 2021. Because this project is significantly impacted by UCPath, Oracle Financial Cloud, and the upcoming Student Information System conversions, we remain open and flexible with our timeline.

We launched the ProSAM IAM (Institutional Awards Module) Project in Fall 2019 as an enhancement to the larger ESR ProSAM project that went live in Summer 2018. Why IAM? And why now? ProSAM was designed to disburse annual aid awards to undergraduate student accounts on a quarterly basis, which doesn't well serve the varied needs of academic departments/programs/units who may want to commit multi-year funding packages or issue stipends to graduate students. IAM is an overlay technology for ProSAM, specifically designed with graduate student financial support in mind and has been successful at UC Santa Barbara. When fully implemented, this tool will streamline our business processes for requesting and disbursing graduate student stipend and fee payments, while also enabling multi-year funding commitments. In the future state, ProSAM IAM also will enable better fiscal planning for graduate student support at the institutional, divisional, department/unit, and program levels.

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