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The information on this page has been revised.  Effective 07/01/2020, please refer to the updated Graduate Student Employment Policy & Procedures

Graduate Division Policy and Procedures

Search, download, and print the Graduate Division Policy and Procedures manual. This manual accompanies the UC Learning course "PPS Update: Graduate Division Procedures and Activities."  Interested in taking this course?  Sign up on UC Learning and search for "Graduate Division Procedures and Activities".

Looking for the Summer Session Payroll Manual?  Click here.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Pre-Approval Process

Chapter 3: Graduate Student Employment Eligibility

Chapter 4: Exceptions to Policy

Chapter 5: New Hire Guidelines for Entering Graduate Student Data

Chapter 6: Rehire Guidelines for Entering Graduate Student Data

Chapter 7: Separation Guidelines

Chapter 8: Guide for Graduate Student Researchers

Chapter 9: Instructional Assistant Data Management System (IA System)

Chapter 10: Guide for Teaching Assistants

Chapter 11: Guide for Associates

Chapter 12: Guide for Readers

Chapter 13: Guide for Tutors

Chapter 14: Guide for Non-Resident International Student Stipends

Chapter 15: Medical Student Appointments

Chapter 16: Non-Student Tutors and Readers

Chapter 17: Visiting Graduate Students (non-UC)

Chapter 18: Retroactive Actions

Chapter 19: Action Codes

Chapter 20: Payroll Action Notice (PAN) Comments

Chapter 21: Benefits

Chapter 22: Defined Contribution Plan (DCP), Medicare, and Unemployment Insurance

Chapter 23: Intercampus Exchange

Appendix A: Social Security Number Change for International Graduate Students

Appendix B: Required Documents for New Hires

Appendix C: Demographic Data Codes

Appendix D: Graduate Division Biography Form for Non-Student Tutor (2510) or Reader (2500)

Appendix E: DCP Error Correction Form

Appendix F: Salary Rate Chart

For questions or comments, please contact Courtney Aguila.