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Updated: Senate Regulation 715 regarding Doctoral Committees, effective Fall 2021. 

Please review the Division of Graduate Education website for the updated Senate Regulation and doctoral (and master's) committee membership table. (Note: (Updated regulation applies only to UC San Diego PhD and DMA (SD 717) Committees, and Master's Thesis Committees.)

More details and FAQs

Updated: Senate Rules on Remote Participation for Master's and Doctoral Examinations, effective Fall 2022.

Beginning in Fall 2022, Graduate Council updated the rules for conducting master's and doctoral exams. The default method for the doctoral and master’s committee to conduct graduate examinations (doctoral qualifying examination and final dissertation/thesis defense) is when the student and all members of the committee are physically present in the same room. The Graduate Council recognizes, however, that practical exigencies do not always make this possible. Therefore, the Graduate Council will defer to the graduate programs (Department Chair or Program Director) to review requests for exceptions and to make decisions to allow remote participation. The graduate program must ensure that when an exam is approved to be held entirely remote or in a hybrid format (i.e., some members are physically present and some are remote) that the student has agreed to this format. It is expected that there will be synchronous participation by all committee members in the scheduled exam. 

Please review the announcement from Graduate Council: 2022-03-14 GRAD -- Telepresence Rules for Exams.pdf 

Welcome to the GEPA Academic Affairs Collab pages!

Online Form Routing through DocuSign

*UPDATED forms: We have updated the final report forms to include a column for committee members to indicate their decision on the dissertation/thesis by choosing "Yes" or "No" in the "Approved for Publication" column. A separate dissertation/thesis signature page is not needed when the updated form is used. The updated forms also include a section to indicate if a fee is required (filing/readmit/re-advancement); a General Petition is not required if the updated form is used. 

The collection of all required faculty and student signatures on the forms below will be through DocuSign; the forms will be digitally routed to all required signers, including to the Division of Graduate Education and the Registrar for final processing.  

• Master's application to candidacy (for use with uAchieve report)
• Final report forms for MA/MS/MFA/MIA/MPH/doctoral degrees
• Doctoral advancement to candidacy forms 
• General Petition
• UG Waiver/Transfer Credit

Forms must be initiated by graduate coordinators or program staff. Click on DocuSign Forms link on the left side bar for instructions and links to the various forms.


AA Advisor Primary Contact List (Detailed by Department/Program and Degree Type)
AA Master's Advisor Contact List w/ Major Codes & Grad Coordinator

Academic Affairs Unit


Erica Lennard, Assistant Dean (Program Reviews, Time Limit Extensions, Embargo Extensions, Program Director Appts, Liaison w/ Grad Council)

(858) 534-3552

Norienne Saign, Assistant Director (Spring Evaluations, Probation, *interim PhD committees & advancements)

(858) 534-3709

Sara Miceli, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (JDP and Professional Master's, Intercampus Exchange (ICEP))

(858) 534-6977
Eliese Maxwell, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (PhD Degrees, UC Irvine Theatre joint doc student process)(858) 822-2244

Kelsey Darvin, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (Academic Master's: Biology, ECE, Structural Eng, SIO) 


Kimberly McCusker, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (Academic Master's: Schools of Arts & Hum, Physical Sciences, & Social Sciences, Mat Sci, MAE, Data Sciences (HDSI)) 

Karen Villavicencio, Graduate Academic Affairs Advisor (Academic Master's: BENG, CENG/NENG, CSE)(858)
Giulia Hoffmann, Merkin Fellowship Program Manager (More Details:
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