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Departments requesting employment exceptions should submit the appropriate form and any additional documentation through the Financial Support Exceptions Google Form.  

Acceptable Requests

  • A separate form should be submitted for each student
  • The exception request is initiated by the funding source requesting the exception
  • The request should indicate all current and proposed title codes and percentages the student will hold during the quarter
  • A change in title code, percentage of effort, class or course, or dates will require a new approval.
  • Over-50% Employment: The Dean will not approve a GSR position over 49.99%, although he/she may approve a 49.99% GSR in combination with another 25% title such as TA or Reader

Please do not hire, enter the additional assignment and/or funding until the employment exception is officially approved by the Dean of Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs



Review the Financial Support Calendar for review period and due dates.  Submit the Employment Exception Request Form prior to the start of the quarter.   They will be reviewed in order they are received.

Employment Exception Request Form Instructions

Student Information

Use ISIS and the Student Database to complete this section. 

Student Name:Student's name as it appears in PPS (or in ISIS if they have not been hired yet); leave blank if you are requesting a blanket exception for your department
Student PID:Student's PID (if applicable)
Student EID: Employee ID in the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) (if applicable)
Home Department:Academic home department (if applicable; the department where the student will earn their degree)

Select an option from the drop-down list; if you select Other, please address this in the Student Qualifications section

  • U.S. Citizen
  • Permanent Resident
  • International Student - F-1
  • International Student - J-1
  • Other
Degree Aim:PhD, MFA, etc.
GPA:Cumulative GPA

PCTL (Qtr):

Quarter of pre-candidacy time limit

Adv. Date (Qtr):

Quarter in which the student advanced to candidacy (eg. FA19, WI20, etc.; use N/A if student has not advanced)


Quarter of support time limit

TA Quarters:

Number of quarters a student has been appointed as a Teaching Assistant (TC 2310) or Associate (TC 1506)
Exception Request

Select the type of employment exception request from the drop-down.  If you are requesting to hire a Non-Student Tutor or Reader, please use the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs Non-Student Tutor/Reader Exception Request Form.  

If you select Other, please address this in the Department Justification section.

  • Academic Eligibility
  • Over-50% Employment
  • GSR Step Level Increase
  • Use of Associate-in-Lieu Title Code (TC 1506 Sub 2)
  • Use of Tutor Title Code (TC 2860)
  • Blanket Exception
  • Other

Proposed Employment

The request should indicate all current and proposed title codes and percentages the student will hold during the applicable quarter/period of employment. 

Period of Employment



eg. FA19, WI20, SP20, SU20

Start Date: 

Appointment start date

End Date: 

Appointment end date

Appointment Information


Hiring Department: 

Department hiring the student (may not necessarily be the student’s academic home department)

Title Code: 

eg. 2310, 2860, 3266, etc.

Percent Time: 

Percentage of the appointment (eg. 50.00%, 49.99%, etc.). Enter as decimal and the form will auto-format to a percentage (eg. 0.50 → 50.00%)
100% Pay Rate:Pay rate of the proposed appointment. This should be the 100% rate (monthly or annual) that can be found on Student Academic Title Pay Rates for the applicable academic year. If the pay is hourly, please enter the hourly rate here and add a note at the bottom of the Department Justification section that pay rate is hourly. 
Calculated Pay Rate:The form will auto-calculate the monthly or annual pay rate the employee will receive based on the 100% rate and percent time of appointment. If the pay rate is hourly, ignore this field and please add a note at the bottom of the Department Justification section that pay rate is hourly. 
Step Level:Step level of proposed employment (if applicable). Select from the dropdown options. 
Department Certifications

Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs requires departments to certify that the student is in good academic standing, that the proposed employment will not detract from the student making good academic progress, and that the student’s academic advisor approves of the proposed employment. We also require that appointments and requests are aligned with all support funding policies.  See Graduate Student Funding Policy and this memo from 11/08/19 for details. In lieu of the student's academic advisor signing the exception request, the department may certify the advisor approves of the employment by checking the appropriate certification box. Please ensure you are confirming the employment package with the student's advisor before checking the box and submitting the exception request. 

If you are not able to certify one or more of the statements, please address them in the Department Justification section.

Department Justification

Describe the department's need or circumstances of this request.  Text will auto-shrink to fit in the box, but if you feel that more space is needed, please attach a separate document with this request.

Student Qualifications

Describe the student’s qualifications for this request.  

  1. The Department should show that the student is truly outstanding – for example, for those proposed appointments over 50%, that include a Teaching Assistant or Associate appointment of any kind, the Department should include student teaching evaluations and/or CAPE reports demonstrating that the student has received consistently positive student evaluations.
    1. Where the student teaching evaluations or CAPES scores have scores of less than 75% in the last 2 academic years, departments should provide additional information in the letter addressing the low scores.  For example, the department could describe the concrete approaches they will use to improve the student’s teaching performance.
  2. There must be a current departmental spring evaluation on file with the Graduate Division indicating that the student is making excellent progress.  If the spring evaluation indicates any deficiencies, these should be addressed by the student’s academic department/group in the exception letter.

Text will auto-shrink to fit in the box, but if you feel that more space is needed, please attach a separate document with this request.

Department Approvals

The request must be signed by the student’s academic Department Chair or Program Director, and all funding sources, and be approved by the student’s academic advisor. The form should always be signed by the academic Department Chair or Program Director and additional signatures will be required from all funding sources if student is employed outside of academic home department.

If there are more than three (3) departments employing the student, please attach an additional sheet for the additional signatures.

Electronic signatures are acceptable.

Employment Forms

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