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  1. The applicant notifies the Graduate Coordinator that they are applying.
  2. The department notifies Graduate Admissions that a currently registered or former UCSD graduate student has a started an application for a second graduate program in Slate.
  3. The applicant should notify the Graduate Coordinator once they have completed their application. They SHOULD NOT submit.
  4. Graduate Admissions will waive the application fee and move the applicant into department review 1.
  5. If the department wishes to move forward with reviewing the applicant they will work with Academic Affairs in their readmit process.
  6. Regardless of whether the applicant is Denied or Readmitted, the Graduate Coordinator will move the applicant into the "Outcome _ Readmit Bin".
  7. The department should communicate with the applicant on how to proceed after they are Readmitted or Denied.
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