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Data entry guidelines for graduate academic titles.  Do not enter data in fields where the table is grayed out. Choose from the spyglass list when possible.

Data Entry Tables by Job Code

Description Tab

Position Information

Position NumberBlank until you save at the end of the transaction
Effective DateVaries (use 1 month prior to the anticipated hire date)
Position StatusApproved
Status DateDefaults to Effective Date
Key PositionLeave blank

Job Information

Business UnitSDCMP
Job Code001506002310002500002510002850002860003262003263003264003266003284003285003286003287
Reg/TempNot Applicable
Regular ShiftNot Applicable

Defaults based on Job Code

Full/Part TimeFixedFixedVariableFixedVariableVariableFixedFixedFixedFixedFixedFixedFixedFixed
Union Code

Defaults based on Job Code

Short Title

Defaults based on Job Code

Work Location

Reg RegionUSA
LocationDefaults based on Department
Reports ToVaries
Supervisor LvlLeave blank
Dot-LineLeave blank

Salary Plan Information

Salary Admin PlanT19AT018TI8HBYA1T18HSDTUT022T022T022T022T022T022T022T022
StepLeave Blank
Work PeriodDefault Value
M/T/W/T/F/S/SLeave Blank
FLSA StatusDefaults to Exempt
Bargaining UnitDefaults to 8888

1 BYA in salary plan does not mean the same as the DOS code meant in PPS. BYA in the salary plan indicates the comp rate field is manually updated.

2 I = Readers with Baccalaureate; II = Reader, without Baccalaureate- select Grade depending on what academic level your student employee is.

3 G = Grad Tutor; UG = UG Tutor - select Grade depending on what academic level your student employee is.

Use BYA for Monthly pay frequency; then enter Compensation Rate Codes manually in Hire/Rehire templates

Use Salary Admin Plan for BW pay frequency.

Reports To field drives Ecotime approvers and who can assign training in UCLearning.


Specific Information Tab

Specific Information

Effective DateDefault
Max Head Count11111111111111
Mail Drop IDLeave Blank
Health CertificateLeave Blank
Signature AuthorityLeave Blank


Only 2 should be checked: Include FTE, Budgeted Position; they should default to checked

Education and Government

Position Pool IDLeave Blank
Pre-Encumbrance IndicatorNo Encumbrance
Encumber Salary OptionSalary Grade Minimum
Classified IndicatorAcademic
Calc Group (Flex Service)Leave Blank
Academic RankLeave Blank
FTEVaries (enter percentage of effort)
Adds to FTE Actual Count (Checkbox)CheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheckCheck

Summer Session Pay:  FTE for Associates and Teaching Assistants in Summer should be 0.000000.  These appointments will be paid the published flat-rate via Additional Pay.

UC Position Data Tab

Employee Relations Code

HR Worksite IDVaries (search for the hiring department home department code)
Employee Relations CodeStud Academic Title, HEERAAll Others, Not Confidential
Incentive Award PlanLeave Blank
Special Training CodeLeave Blank
Security Clearance TypeLeave Blank

Guidance on Reusing Graduate Academic Title Positions

For Graduate Academic titles, it is appropriate to recycle or reuse positions in most cases. Our recommendation is that you take into consideration how many updates the position requires to be correct for the next hire into the position. In general, if there are more than 2 position updates you may want to consider creating a new position to prevent unintentional errors if one piece of the position is not updated correctly. If you are unsure whether to use an old position or not, we encourage you to create a new position and freeze the old position. 


Vacant PositionNew HireRequired Position UpdatesReuse or Create New?

50% TA on Fund Source X

50% TA on Fund Source XNoneReuse Old Position
49.99% GSR on Fund Source Y reports to PI John25% GSR on Fund Source Y reports to PI JaneFTE, reports toReuse Old Position

35% Reader on Fund Source W; 

BW pay schedule/paygroup

15% Reader on Fund Source X;

MO pay schedule/paygroup

FTE, Fund Source, Pay schedule/PaygroupCreate New Position
47.61% GSR on Fund Source Z20% GSR on Fund Source VFTE, Job Code, Fund SourceCreate New Position

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