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Academic Home Departments

For all graduate students, the students’ Academic Department or Program (the Department or Program where the student is pursuing a degree) will be established as the Academic Home Department.

View the list of Graduate Department/Program Contacts.

The Academic Home Department is responsible for pre-approving all support (academic and staff titles).  In addition, it is the Academic Home Department’s responsibility to verify the student’s support eligibility, to coordinate the student’s support from all sources, and to coordinate with the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs the issuance of ASE Partial Fee Remission and GSR Tuition & Fee Remission payments using the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs Financial Support Request Tool.

Each of the Academic Home Departments has the authority to establish its own pre-approval process for students appointed or employed outside the Home Department.  This includes: 1) determining who, in the Department, can approve the appointment or employment; and 2) deciding whether the approval can be verbal or must be in writing.

Students Funded Outside of Academic Home Department 

  1. Determine the graduate student’s Academic Home Department.  You can ask the student or look in the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs’ Student database here.  
  2. Contact the graduate coordinator in the student’s Academic Home Department to:
    1. Obtain pre-approval of funding
    2. Determine whether the appointment will be a new hire, rehire, or extension
    3. All GSRs are appointed to the GSR step level(s) as established by the student's Academic Home Department or program (NOT the fund source)

See also: Graduate Student Researcher Step Levels by Department

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