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Medical & PharmD Students


Occasionally, medical students and PharmD students are appointed on graduate student academic titles (except that they may not be appointed as Graduate Student Researchers) or hired as staff-titled student employees.

In addition, departments must follow any pre-approval procedures as established by the School of Medicine, Dean of Academic Affairs (ext. 4-7893) and the School of Medicine, Financial Aid Office (ext. 4-4664). 

Appointment Process

Departments appointing medical students or PharmD students on casual-restricted student titles must follow normal procedures for these appointments as provided in the Job Opportunities Program instructions (ext. 4-0150). Questions regarding the appointment of medical students on academic titles can be referred to the Financial Support Unit via Services & Support.

For medical students, the completion of the action online in the Payroll system will be similar to that of graduate students.

PharmD Appointments

PharmD students may be appointed in the following job codes:

  • 009278 Pharmacy Tchn 2 PD (per diem)
  • 009236 STDT Pharmacy Intern 

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