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Academic Student Employees (ASEs) appointed at 25% time or more, for an entire quarter, are eligible to receive the ASE Partial Fee Remission, as outlined in the UAW contract.  More information can be found on the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs (GEPA) website: Academic Student Employees and Fee Payment Information for Academic Student Employees.

  • The hiring department should coordinate this fee payment request with the student’s Academic Home Department at the time pre-approval for employment is requested.  Academic Home Departments are responsible for submitting fee payment requests for all their students regardless of where the students are employed on campus. The Academic Home Department should submit a fee payment request in the Division of Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs Financial Support Request Tool.  Timely fee payment submission and payroll time reporting is mandatory in accordance with the ASE-UAW contract and university policy.
  • Undergraduate Readers and Tutors are not eligible for the ASE Partial Fee Remission and are not subject to the 110 hour minimum requirement.

Note: The ASE Partial Fee Remission will not be paid at the beginning of the quarter if the student has a registration or financial “hold” placed on the student account because the student is in arrears from a previous quarter.

See also TA Fee Deferment and TA Loan Programs.

Fee Equivalency for ASEs Enrolled in Self-Supporting Programs

An ASE who is a registered graduate student with (an) ASE appointment(s) totaling 25% or more, who is enrolled in a self-supporting graduate degree program and is employed by either a UC self-supporting program or a UC state supported graduate program, shall be eligible to receive a partial fee remission equivalent in dollar amount to what an eligible ASE enrolled in a UC state supported program would receive for tuition and student services fee, as a result of the qualifying appointment. In no case will that remission exceed the total charges paid by the ASE to the self-supporting program. Self-supporting graduate degree programs that are subject to this provision are only those programs which have an approved self-supporting fee or charge approved in writing by the UC President.

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