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Subscribe to a Graduate Division Academic Affairs listserv!  Refer to this Blink page for detailed instructions to subscribe to these and other UC San Diego mailing lists.

Graduate Coordinators (Gradcoords-l):  For graduate program staff and other campus staff who benefit from general Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Financial Support and Admissions communication regarding graduate students. Includes processes for academic progress, financial support, and graduate admissions.  Subscribe to GradCoords here.

(For faculty members) Graduate Dept Chairs and Faculty Advisors (Chrgradv-l):  For faculty members: in particular, department chairs, program directors, and program designated graduate advisors. Includes policy announcements, calls for fellowship and award nominations, and general communication regarding graduate students Subscribe to Chrgradv here.

Looking to join mailing lists for Graduate Financial Support? See: Graduate Student Financial Support Listservs

Contact Kelsey Darvin (, Eliese Maxwell ( or Norienne Saign ( for more information.

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